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Rise and Fall: living in the shadow of the earthquake

Rise and Fall: living in the shadow of the earthquake

by Accountability Lab and Onion Films

* Any views expressed in this video are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“If the government doesn’t listen to us, we have to do something on our own. Uprising has become a necessity.”

On April 25, 2015 a devastating earthquake, magnitude 7.8, struck Nepal, killing more than 9,000 people. A second earthquake struck on May 12 and there were numerous aftershocks.

Today many people are still displaced and in need of humanitarian aid.

The Accountability Lab and Onion Films mobilized five young Nepali filmmakers from their network to tell the stories behind the disaster. The students highlighted accountability issues - the problems with the government and donor response and the challenges of rebuilding - but focused on positive stories of resilience and hope. To mark the anniversary of the earthquake the Thomson Reuters Foundation will be publishing one of these films daily.

In Rise and Fall, Ramesh Kuwar lives in the shadow of the highrise Park View Horizon building. Its construction process was illegal and unsafe – the builders had approval for only 11 of its 18 stories – and it was irreparably damaged by the 2015 earthquake. Almost 200 families living nearby are in danger if the building collapses, and Ramesh has organised a committee to lobby for its demolition.

 All five films are available via  Building Resilience and were made with the editorial support of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.