Amazon forest and climate change

The Amazon rainforest is crucial to maintaining a stable climate on the planet - but continuing deforestation presents a major threat. What is being done to try to stem it? 

World's forests 'in emergency room' after years of losses Adela Suliman
California split over carbon trading plan for tropical forests Kimberley Brown
Colombia takes 'unprecedented' step to stop farms gobbling forests Anastasia Moloney
Brazil court upholds forestry law changes in environmental blow Reuters
Satellite tech offers near real-time view of deforestation Reuters
Philanthropies pledge $450 million to save forests, climate Sebastien Malo
With deforestation rising, Colombia businesses join fightback Anastasia Moloney
Brazil hopes to reward landowners for preserving Amazon forest Reuters
Invest in forests and indigenous people to fight climate change Anna Pujol-Mazzini
Plant more trees to combat climate change - scientists Reuters
Stronger forest protection key to Amazon replanting push - experts Karla Mendes
Inside Amazon reserve, high-end chocolate thrives with forest Chris Arsenault and Karla Mendes
As FARC disarms, Colombia's rebels to fight deforestation Anastasia Moloney
Brazil's indigenous people struggle to stave off loggers Chris Arsenault and Karla Mendes
How to protect Peru's rainforest? Indigenous land titles: study Chris Arsenault
Bid to reduce Amazon reserves tallies with mining proposals-WWF Nadia Pontes
World Bank disputes report tying Peru loans to Amazon destruction Chris Arsenault
Brazilian farm owners form militias to attack land activists Chris Arsenault
Firms not yet doing enough to stop commodities destroying forest Megan Rowling
Failure to secure forest dweller rights risks emissions spike Rina Chandran
Biggest threat beef lags in push to cut supply chain deforestation Megan Rowling
Inside Brazil's battle to save the Amazon Chris Arsenault
The numbers behind Brazil's fight on Amazon deforestation Chris Arsenault
Don't blame cocaine for South American forest loss, study says Chris Arsenault
Protection of Amazon could fuel "fourth industrial revolution" Chris Arsenault
Amazon biodiversity at risk despite Brazil forest law: study Chris Arsenault
Is environmental protection on the way out in Brazil? Márcio Santilli, Instituto Socioambiental, and Carlos Rittl, Brazilian Climate Observatory
Brazil losing forest the size of two football fields per minute Chris Arsenault
Brazilian photographer fights to protect remote tribe's rights Sophie Davies
Brazil supermarket to cut deforestation, slaves from supply chain Chris Arsenault
How will Brazil turn its climate promises into action? Nadia Pontes
Proposed law may remove indigenous land rights in Brazil Adriana Brasileiro
Brazil's raging forest fires threaten indigenous land Chris Arsenault
Tree loss slows, but covers area twice size of Portugal in 2014 Reuters
How to stop deforestation? Make 'good stuff' cheaper Megan Rowling
Colombia to launch voluntary carbon credit trading Reuters
As Brazilians head to the polls, what does it mean for green? Claudio Angelo
Brazil protects giant swathe of Amazon rainforest Reuters
Norway to pay Peru $300 mln for forest-based emissions reductions Reuters
Amazon forest may become 'impoverished savannah' as climate shifts Center for International Forestry Research
Brazil confirms Amazon deforestation sped up in 2013 Reuters
EXCLUSIVE:Amazon conservation threatened by poor social conditions Astrid Zweynert
To cut emissions, give communities rights to forest land - study Megan Rowling
In Peru’s Amazon, indigenous communities get cash to save forests Barbara Fraser
Donors commit $215 million for Amazon conservation in Brazil Paulo Prada
Europe's hidden hand in deforestation Fred Pearce
Soya moratorium extended in effort to save Brazil's forests Megan Rowling
Controversial Peru gas project expansion gets go-ahead Barbara Fraser
Rainforest raiders foil the guardians of the Amazon Reuters
Forging fire resilience on Amazon forest fringes in Peru Barbara Fraser
Despite enthusiasm for REDD+, deforestation in Peru ongoing Imogen Badgery-Parker
Atlantic Ocean temperatures provide Amazon drought clues Barbara Fraser
Illegal miners infest Venezuela's Amazon Reuters
INTERVIEW: Development threatening Brazil's Amazon - Silva Anastasia Moloney and Adriana Brasileiro
Brazil government confirms spike in Amazon deforestation Reuters
Openness and transparency key to Brazil's deforestation data Kate Evans, CIFOR
Learning lessons from Brazil on land tenure and REDD+ Kate Evans
Between the Amazon and the Atlantic: Brazil’s threatened savannas Kate Evans
How a remote Amazon state leads the way in climate policy Kate Evans
Learning lessons from Brazil's deforestation monitoring Kate Evans, CIFOR
Ecuador congress approves Yasuni basin oil drilling Reuters
Brazil data suggests spike in Amazon deforestation Reuters
Amazon smallholders improve income with fast-growing timber Barbara Fraser
Amazon degraded lands prompt new bushmeat hunting trends Martha Cuba Cronkleton
What the Amazonian tribes can teach us Mark Plotkin, Amazon Conservation Team
Amazon timber-food balance saves forest smallholder livelihoods ... Barbara Fraser and Julie Mollins
Organised crime behind up to 90 percent of tropical deforestation ... Thin Lei Win
Indigenous women lead land rights struggle in Ecuadorean Amazon Maria Caspani
How to grow more soybeans - and protect the Amazon Katie McCoy, CDP
Brazil soy moratorium extended to protect Amazon forest Reuters
Peru says deforestation on the rise, up 80 pct from 2001 Reuters
Game puts forest decisions in your hands Bruno Vander Velde, CIFOR
Unintended consequences hit 'a microcosm of the Amazon' Kate Evans
Amazon Indians report more death threats after activists slain Mitra Taj and Caroline Stauffer
Change upends livelihoods, food security in the Amazon Barbara Fraser, CIFOR
Ecuador halts environment deals with Germany over rainforest visit Reuters
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